Alireza Ghasemlouy

Electronics, Programmer, Antenna Designer

Tabriz - IRAN

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B.S of Power, M.S of Electronics

Working in Zahravi pharmaceutical

Programming PLC & HMI for Siemens, Delta, Fatek, Beijer and C++, Python

IP with Matlab & OpenCV.

Web design with PHP, CSS3, HTML5.

Design and Install CMS & SQL.

Design microstrip & helical antenna.

Design control & monitoring systems.

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Profile - About me

Alireza Ghasemlouy
  • Alireza Ghasemlouy
  • September 24, 1993
  • Tabriz - IRAN

The design of microstrip and helical antennas are of specialty and the subjects of my two ISI articles. The title of my master thesis is to improve the SAR by the finite difference time domain (FDTD) method. Using image processing to control industrial processes is one of my favorites, which I also published in an authoritative journal.

I trying to build a special site to teach electronics, computer and programming as soon as possible.

1. My abilities
Anten Design

Calculation and design Waveguide, circular, microstrip, dipole, planar array and slot antenna for various applications.


C++,CSS, HTML, PHP, Java, Ajax and programming of all types of microprocessors and PLCs for various scientific and industrial applications.

Server Manager

Creating various corporate networks, network security management and their uptime support

2.My services

CST software stands for Computer Simulation Technology. The best and most up-to-date antenna design software and high frequency parts are the simulation results of this software accepted by the world's leading journals to deliver articles. Other software, such as HFSS, is not available in some of the parameters in the calculations, and their user environments are also not very nice. We also use ADS software to design an antenna feed in array mode. Designing and simulating antenna types is one of my favorite interests and skills.

Web programming, computer programming, and PLC programming are my continued interest and skills. Designing sites with different programming languages, setting up content management systems for organizations and departments, and developing web design education from activities that are not so long ago. Neural network programming for artificial intelligence applications as well as image processing for monitoring and robotic systems is also my most important activity. My main activity is the programming of microprocessors and PLCs for educational, scientific and industrial applications.

My activity in the field of computer and information technology began in early 2005. Initially fixing software defects and then assembling parts of my activity. Later, I was managing networking and running computer networks. The launch of servers for the organs and government agencies and their security is done by me.

CV - Personal Information

Designing Ability
Programming Ability
Content Management System(CMS)
C++ , AVR
HTML , PHP &...
General Ability
Sports Ability
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My experiences
  • IT expert and network administrator 1391 - 1384
    Fara System Afshar

    Performing all software and hardware affairs and assembling computers in the first years and later Managing Internet and Internet access and then network management and security has been one of my most important activities during these years.

  • Technical Director of the Programming Group2012 - 2014
    IMA Industrial Co.

    Atmel's microprocessor programming for Mega 32 processors was done for small industrial applications, as well as educational and scientific, and initial testing of a system before I completed the final one. Plc programming was also conducted to monitor a variety of plant lines.

  • Bachelor2012 - 2016
    Seraj Higher Education

    Acceptance of electrical engineering in 2012. Because of the lack of touching the subjects and the theorizing of most of the topics, this tendency was not so popular to me.

  • Master2016 - 2018
    Seraj Higher Education

    Changing the trend towards electronics and linear integrated circuits and gaining new and up-to-date experiences has been one of my right choices during my studies. I entered the antenna design at this point in my studies, which is still going on ...

  • Futsal 1396 - 1385
    Futsal Teams

    My professional activities in the field of sport are related to futsal and football. Unfortunately, at an early age and at the height of the acting era, the injury caused a long interruption and several years of my absence from the field. Participating in provincial and national competitions and obtaining numerous individual titles and a team of my achievements in the field of sports.

  • Body building and Fitness2012 - NOW
    Jazireh Club

    During my injury, I started to work in this field. Although my view of this area is not professional activity and participation in competitions, maintaining fitness and physical health is my main goal in this sport.

History of my activities
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) technical assistant (2004).

    Installation of general and specialized software and software repairs(2005).

    Computer assembling (2006).

    Launching the first online cafe in 2007

    Management and set up of computer networks since 2008

    Design blog and simple HTML pages for real people (2008).

    Website design with PHP, Asp.Net, Ajax, CSS, Java and content management systems (CMS) such as Php Nuke, Datalife engine, Wordpress and ...

    IT expert from 2007 to 2013

    Network Security Management 2005 to 2009

    Design and management of the entertainment site from 2009 to 1391

    Computer tutoring

    Programming with c ++ language

    Participation in a national robotic tournament in Shahin Shahr, Esfahan, in 2011

    Atmel microprocessor programming and monitoring with Lab View software

    Plc programming with TIA Portal and WinCC software in private companies since 1394

    Designing control robots, firefighters, chasing lines ... and earning academic competitions

    Perform various factory monitoring with citect SCADA and Step7 software

    Zahravi Pharmaceutical Representative in 2016

    Neural Networks Programming in Matlab Software

    Project Image Processing Projector and Vehicle License Identification System

    Member of project department of Zahravi pharmaceutical

    Supervisor and Watertown Water generation system Project Leader

    Siemens PLC programming with TIA Portal software

    MicroStrip antenna design for Hyperthermia applications

    Helical antenna design for Hyperthermia applications

    Programming Improvement of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) by FDTD method in Matlab software

    Perform accurate lighting calculations with Dialux software

    Preparing key lighting plans, single-phase socket, three-phase socket, telephone, data, central alarms, fire alarm, paging, CCTV, UPS and electrical switchgear of Microbiology lab.

    Member of the Zahravi Pharmaceutical Quality Engineering Unit

    Web programming with HTML5, CSS, Java, Ajax, PHP and SQL databases for corporate map archiving, running on the Internet and Intranet (1397).

    Fill control Camera Programming Controls the Blistering Device and implements hardware on the board. With the ability to detect white pill from white PVC (1397).

    Member of Technical & Engineering Department of Zahravi pharmaceutical.

    Programming, repairing and rebuilding Autoclaves.

    Crack the software lock of Honeywell’s control and monitoring system.

    Fixing hardware and software problems of blistering machines.

    Repair HPLC software problems.

    Alireza Ghasemlouy - Master of electronics

My Blog

  • February 17, 2018
  • Author: Alireza Ghasemlouy
  • Design, Simulation, Anten, Hyperthermia

Hyperthermia in general means that body temperature rises to more than normal. High body temperatures typically cause illness, such as fever or heat shock, but increased temperature control is sometimes used to treat diseases, especially cancer. Therapy, a process that involves increasing the temperature of the tissues containing the tumor, usually up to more than 42 ° C, with the aim of eliminating cancer cells. This treatment process is usually accompanied by other cancer treatments such as radiation therapy and chemotherapy. The ability to control the distribution of energy within living tissues has grown significantly with the development of electronic devices and modeling systems in recent decades, and has made significant progress. Hyperthermia is used in two general, topical and regional forms for the treatment of cancer. The lack of heat distribution in all tumor cells, the inadequate production of heat, and the unwanted thermal treatment of healthy cells are the most important challenges in current hyperthermia methods. Nanotechnology has put forward new horizons for solving these problems for researchers. Propagating nanoparticles with the ability to accumulate in tumor tissue, distribution in all areas of the tumor, as well as the ability to generate more heat, promise a more effective treatment. Metallic nanoparticles and magnetic nanoparticles are one of the most important nanoparticles used in hyperthermia.

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  • February 17, 2018
  • Author: Alireza Ghasemlouy
  • Download E-Book, Simulation Files, Book, Hyperthermia

In order to use the students and the enthusiasts of electrical engineering, my handbooks collected during the undergraduate and master years will be downloaded shortly. Also, PowerPoint presentation class files will also be used by enthusiasts. The main language reference books and their solution are also some of the other things that will soon be added to the site library.

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  • February 17, 2018
  • Author: Alireza Ghasemlouy
  • Waterroom, Watertown, Pure water, WFI, Pure Steam

In the pharmaceutical industry, pure water production, and water purification is one of the essential and essential elements for the production of the product. Implementation of the waterproofing process during installation and commissioning is very time-consuming. One of the most equipped and most expensive Iranian refineries in Zakhravi Pharmacy of Tabriz was implemented by watertown. The following is a brief description of different parts of the waterworks. Due to my expertise, I was responsible for supervising and supervising the implementation of the electrical and control components of this system. Soon, the installation of India's sintex synthetic water project will also begin, which is intended to be a complete description of the future of these collections on the site.

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